Is it possible to send my order to a different adress?

Yes, this is possible. On the checkout page there’s an option called “ship to a different adress” to fill out an other adress then your billing adress.

What if my No Water Flowers® doesn’t grow flowers?

We have a guaranteed flower policy. When your No Water Flowers® doesn’t bloom, please send us an email with pictures of the bulb. We will send you a new No Water Flowers®.

Is it possible to make the bulb flower again? (after first blooming?)

The No Water Flowers® bulb grows and blooms only once in top quality. The bulbs are grown with the utmost care and have undergone multiple professional treatments to achieve this quality. Should you want to try to get the bulb in bloom again, then you should remove the wax layer of the bulb, plant the bulb in the ground and wait. There is a chance it will grow again. You could also buy a new No Water Flowers® bulb in the shop to have a guaranteed bloom.

What do I do after the No Water Flowers® Waxz® when the flowers are finished blooming?

U could use the bulb as decoration when you cut of the stems. Or think of another creative use, :).

Should the No Water Flowers® Waxz® be placed in the light?

The No Water Flowers® bulb likes the light, so a light place is good. But don’t put it directly in the sunlight or on a place where it could become (to) warm.

How long can I enjoy the No Water Flowers®?

From the moment you buy the No Water Flowers® you probably already enjoy it, for it is very decorative. The bulb will bloom for 3 till 5 weeks, without any caring.

Are there more types of No Water Flowers® products except the Waxz®? 

Yes there are. There are more variations on the webshop. And more is coming.. So check the shop regularly.

What kind of webshop is specialebloemen.nl?

Specialebloemen.nl is a webshop for direct for consumers. We sell flowers, bulbs and plants that have something extra or special compared to ‘normal’ flowers, bulbs and plants.

No Water Flowers® Waxz: How to water this bulb?

The No Water Flowers® bulbs do not need water. These special selected bulbs contain enough energy within them to grow flowers. Garanteed flowering.

Is it possible to order variations that are not availeble on the webshop? 

Please contact us and tell us your wishes, we can think of a solution for your needs.

Will the future bring more product?

We are developing and cre8ing all the time. So follow us to stay up to date.
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